At Polyman, we prioritise environmental sustainability by minimising our footprint. We buy in bulk and recycle all offcuts and scrap, creating new products from recycled materials. We are passionate about our circular economy, which means we take every step possible to reduce our waste and conserve resources.


In addition to our recycling practices, we proudly operate utilising 100 kW of solar power. Our solar panels not only minimise resource consumption but also contribute to our circular economy approach. By harnessing the sun's energy, we strive to further reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainable practices.


Giving back to the local community is very close to our hearts. We take great pride in being major sponsors of Point Lookout Surf Club. We also collaborate with the Endeavour Foundation where we have successfully handed over hundreds of packaged products to clients, benefiting the Capalaba and greater Brisbane communities.

Battenfield machine


Polyman manufactures the highest quality moulded components and products through the use of late model European machinery and the highest standard of moulding practices. To achieve our high standard of production our team use the following:

  • Battenfeld Injection Moulding machines
  • Wittmann Robotics
  • Knowledge of the process of injection moulding
  • Vast experience in the use of various polymers
  • Correct material drying techniques including the use of desiccant dryers for moisture sensitive materials
  • Die temperature controllers used to maintain the correct tool temperature
  • Control of colour or additives through the use of master batch feeders
Adam, owner of Polyman
Adam Roth

Owner of Polyman

3 generations in the making

Adam Roth is a third generation plastics manufacturer with over 35 years personal experience in the plastic moulding industry.